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Conference room (opposite amphitheatre Charles Mérieux)

Thursday 6 November 2014

9h30: Welcome and opening of the conference by Vanessa Guignery (ENS de Lyon – IUF – LIRE, France)

9h45-10h15: Cécile Fouache (University of Rouen, France): “The Magic of Reality: The Art of the Everyday in Alice Munro’s Dance of the Happy Shades

10h15-10h45: Sabrina Francesconi (University of Trento, Italy): “Alice Munro and the Poetics of Linoleum”

10h45-11h15: Coffee break

11h15-11h45: Claire Omhovère (Université Paul Valéry – Montpellier / EMMA, France): “Places in Alice Munro’s Dance of the Happy Shades

11h45-12h15: Katherine Hrisonopulo (Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, Russia): “Subjectivity, Subjectification and the Expression of Point of View in Alice Munro’s First-Person Narrative”

12h30-14h: Lunch break

14h-14h30: Héliane Ventura (Université de Toulouse 2- Jean Jaurès, France): “The Ethics of Responsibility from Accident to Murder in Alice Munro’s ‘The Time of Death’ and ‘Child’s Play’ ” 

14h30-15h: Kerry-Jane Wallart (University of Paris-Sorbonne, France): “ ‘my father says’: Children as Parricidal Outlaws in Dance of the Happy Shades

15h-15h30: Laura Dawkins (Murray State University, Kentucky, USA): “ ‘The Thing You Have Always Known Was There’: Figures of Death in Alice Munro’s The Dance of the Happy Shades

15h30-16h: Coffee break

16h-16h30: Oriana Palusci (University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’, Italy): “An Ecocritical Reading of Alice Munro’s ‘The Shining Houses’ ”

16h30-17h: Corinne Bigot (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre, France): “Patterns of Entrapment, Lines of Flight, Embedded Stories and Resistance to Closure: Reading ‘Thanks for The Ride’ with ‘The Shining Houses’ ”


Friday 7 November 2014

9h30-10h: Pascale Tollance (University of Lyon 2, France): “ ‘The Peace of Utrecht’ or How to Deal with Remains”

10h-10h30: Christine Lorre-Johnston (University of Paris-Sorbonne Nouvelle, France): “Picturing the Imagination: A Study of the Drafts of ‘Images’ ”

10h30-11h: Claude Maisonnat (University of Lyon 2, France):  “Grandmothers Beware: Deadly Feminine Desires in ‘A Trip to the Coast’”

11h-11h30: Coffee break

11h30-12h: Jennifer Murray (University of Franche-Comté, France): “Sexuation in Alice Munro’s ‘Boys and Girls’ ”

12h-12h30: Tom Ue (University College London, Great-Britain): “Gender, Subjectivity, and Narrative in ‘Boys and Girls’ ”

12h30-14h: Lunch break

14h-14h30: Ulrica Skagert (University of Kristianstad, Sweden): “The Rupture of the Ordinary as an ‘Awkward Little Space’: Evental Moments in ‘Dance of the Happy Shades’ ”   

14h30-15h: Jean-Marc Victor (University of Paris-Sorbonne, France): “Happy Shades of ‘June Recital’ in ‘Dance of the Happy Shades’: Munro’s Dance with Welty”

15h-15h30: Coffee break

15h30-16h: Catherine Lanone (University of Paris-Sorbonne Nouvelle, France): “From “A Painful Case” to “Postcard”: Newspaper Cutting, Plot and Commonplace in Joyce and Munro”.

16h-16h30: Jacob Hovind (Towson University, Baltimore, MD, USA): “The Epiphany Concept and its Undoing in Alice Munro’s Early Stories”


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